Monday, December 31, 2012

WAYSIDE WAIFS installation

Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter in Kansas City MO.
Wayside Waifs website
This installation was created for the new entry to the shelter.  The whole shelter has undergone major restoration and additions.  This work was created to thank the very generous donors and bring some extra fun to the entrance.  The whole installation moves when the air blows from the duct work.

Chris Duh was the Idea Guy/Art Director and Designer on the project.  Chris's website
I was the Artist/Illustrator.  Terry Runyan's website

There were several other very talented people involved with the project: 
Tom Wallen: Kinetic Sculpture / Designer
Steve McGill:  Installation / Mechanics
Andy Fox: Brainstorm a division of BPKC: Printer / Fabrication
Chris Boos, Bob D Campell & Company: Structural Engineer
American Riggers Company: Rigging
Jackson Specialties: Welding
Guy Guinta: Designer for additional signs

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